We prepare tax returns and develop tax minimization plans for individuals and businesses. We represent our clients before tax authorities. Additionally, we put you in control of your financial management through our hourly contract controllership services: financial statement preparation, software consulting, staff training and consulting/management reporting.


Tax Return Preparation

In today’s ever-changing tax environment we advocate for our clients’ best interests by providing complete, accurate returns that reflect the lowest tax rates possible according to the federal, state and local law:

» Trust and fiduciary returns

» Gift tax returns

» Estate tax returns

» C corporation returns

» S corporation returns

» Partnership, LLP, LLC returns

» State and local returns

» Nonprofit returns

» Information reporting returns

» Excise taxes

» Tax elections



Individual Tax Consulting

Minimizing tax liability goes beyond preparing income tax returns. We address each key aspect of your financial affairs to develop a comprehensive plan:

» Year-end strategies for minimization of taxes

» Estate planning

» Stock options

» Alternative minimum tax planning

» Investment tax planning

» Family limited partnerships

» State residency planning

» Charitable gifting

» Estate and gift planning

» Family income shifting strategies

» Divorce related taxation issues

» Sole proprietorships



We represent clients before the following tax authorities with regard to: examination of returns, filing appeals, answering requirements and assessments:


» State Departments of Revenue

» Sales and Use Tax


Contract Controllership

We put you in control of business financial management through our hourly contract controllership services:

» Financial statement preparation

» Software consulting

» Staff training

» Consulting / Management reporting

» Payroll Services


Personal Financial Planning

Check out our financial planning partner’s website www.


Business Tax Consulting

Our objective is to provide efficient and compliant tax solutions and identify potential tax saving opportunities:

» Tax minimization planning

» Business succession

» Business expansion planning

» Sale of business

» Business break-ups

» Depreciation analysis

» Tax analysis of multiple entities

» Excise taxes

» Entity choice and conversion

» Fringe benefit strategies

» Cash distribution options

» Like-kind exchanges

» Real estate transactions